I wanted to have a chat about productivity, the pressure to be super productive in these interesting times that we live in, and why it’s okay to chill out a little sometimes as well.

I was reading an article on LinkedIn, and it was talking about how 43% of people who are now working at home, who haven’t had the experience of this before, of feeling huge amounts of pressure to not only be super productive, working from home, but to also be super productive, doing all of the things, taking on board the extra yoga classes online.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

We are living in interesting times and putting extra pressure on yourself too, let’s face it, fitting into the social media world of everybody living their best lockdown lives, isn’t always the best move.

Right now, for many people, that’s the pressure you don’t need on your mental health.

This is where I would really encourage everyone to really start looking at what’s actually going to feel good for you.

If it feels pressured and stressful, chill out.

I didn’t get up and go for a run this morning. I thought I’ll just feed my cats and I’ll get started at my desk.

But I want you to check in with yourself, if all of the things that you’re seeing online, and all of the expectations that you need to be showing up in a certain way.

 Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

If it don’t feel good, don’t do it.

Do what you have to do for your work, obviously, do what feels good for your health both physical, mental and emotional.

That’s actually thriving anyway.

But give yourself a bit of a break.

This is quite a new experience for a lot of people. I’m used to working from home. The really funny thing for me is I’m finding this has actually kicked in a next level of super productivity for me, but that’s me, right?

You can’t judge a life against yours, as we all have different values and beliefs that drive us forward.

You don’t need to live your life based on what I’m doing, and how I’m showing up.

I thought this is a really timely reminder for a lot of people, and so I thought this is the reason why I’m out here first thing in the morning. Haven’t even washed my face haven’t brushed my teeth or anything. This is morning sparkles. I didn’t go for a run this morning. Is that the end of the world – Heck no. Like go for a run this afternoon, probably. But it’s doing what feels good.

Image by Johnson Wang from Unsplash

And you know, for me my morning ritual of waking up early and feeding the cats, having some time outside, just meditating and studying my day gently, that feels good for me.

You will find your own rhythms, your own patterns in these times, but, drop the pressure, as long as it feels good and it’s probably a bit too early in the morning for an F bomb.

My motto is if it’s not fun eff it off! If it’s not fun if it feels like hard work and too much pressure if it’s stressing you out, and adding unhappiness to how you feel in your day. Eff it off.

Keep it fun, and rocking your immune system for your mental health, for the people around you.

We need to be feeling good, we need to be showing up well, so ditch the need to be super productive, because of course, as soon as we attach need to things, we repel what we desire and it doesn’t feel good.

Take a load off, don’t worry about what everyone else is doing with social media, and how they are all showing up. (Unless it’s fun for you. Like someone was talking about doing lip-sync battles and things like that. You know, for some people, that’s fun and for some people it isn’t.)

But really take care of yourself and take the pressure off.

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And you know that you can reach out for me if you need help.

If you are feeling stressed or anxious, a little uncertain, or a lot uncertain and you don’t have support in place, I’m able to offer that to you in my group coaching program “Liberate Your Life”.

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I’d love your comments and what your thoughts are. Have you been pushing yourself to be super productive? Have you been treating this as a holiday? Have you run out of quarantine snacks today?

(Hence why I go running most day because I already sit down on my butt enough doing my thing 🤣.)

Got any questions about the membership site? Get in touch: trudi@trudipavlovsky.com