Healing and Being Broken. #opinionpiece

I had events in my life that I wasn’t set up to deal with in a way that allowed me to stay in love with who I always was: a fabulous, kind and loving human. It was demonstrated that bitterness, anger and self loathing was the only pathway to experiencing trauma and pain. And dealing with it was a long hard slog that never ended. It is not the only way.

Judgement in a Time of Crisis.

What I know is this: the more you have the more you can give. If people keep working on their business and bring in more income it allows the space for them to be able to give more. Shaming people for keeping their livelihood active isn’t going to support people in crisis.

You were born knowing you’re the best.

Back in primary school you were considered “a natural” Everything was easy, you were the smart kid right? Everyone said you go places. So much praise and awards for doing well. It felt good. Until it stopped.

Shame or Creativity: You Decide

It’s something that’s talked about in hushed tones in Facebook groups, rarely mentioned on personal profiles on Facebook, and it’s not something that you see pictures posted about on Instagram What am I talking about?


When we re-engage with our sense of play and out childlike wonder at the world life shifts. Our creativity and imagination re-engages and energy levels lift.

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Does it hurt if I DON’T poke it?

And after ten plus years of going hunting and digging for my own healing I have realised that most of the digging and scratching we do: WE DON’T NEED TO.

Think and Reap What You Sow.

I had unshakable faith for a while there when I started my business…. But then people started to give me all the reasons why building the business I wanted to would be hard. Why couldn’t work. Why I had to implement strategies that made me uncomfortable and in the end, took away my excitement for what I was doing.

Do coaches need to be held at a higher level of account?

Can you empower women while fucking a married man? I read a post on Facebook where a woman shared her “truth” about having an affair with a married man and being totally ok with it. No guilt, no worry about being caught out (posting it publicly probably has all her married friends running to check their husbands phones)

Reminders From an Old School Rave

Sudenely you hit your late 20s, you have a career, life partner, for many theres kids and fun seems to fade from life. Then you’re in your 40s and everything gets second-guessed, risk mitigated, reviewed and life is SERIOUS.

Here’s ALL the Approval You Will Ever Need

Do you often hear the term, “you have everything you need inside of you” thrown around? It used make me a little nuts because I was so invested in looking externally for EVERYTHING I needed.

I Hate You But I Love You 2019.

2019 you cracked me open and showed me parts of myself I didn’t want to acknowledge. You pulled me apart and in the shattered pain I put myself back together.