Does it hurt if I DON’T poke it?

And after ten plus years of going hunting and digging for my own healing I have realised that most of the digging and scratching we do: WE DON’T NEED TO.

Think and Reap What You Sow.

I had unshakable faith for a while there when I started my business…. But then people started to give me all the reasons why building the business I wanted to would be hard. Why couldn’t work. Why I had to implement strategies that made me uncomfortable and in the end, took away my excitement for what I was doing.

Do coaches need to be held at a higher level of account?

Can you empower women while fucking a married man? I read a post on Facebook where a woman shared her “truth” about having an affair with a married man and being totally ok with it. No guilt, no worry about being caught out (posting it publicly probably has all her married friends running to check their husbands phones)

Reminders From an Old School Rave

Sudenely you hit your late 20s, you have a career, life partner, for many theres kids and fun seems to fade from life. Then you’re in your 40s and everything gets second-guessed, risk mitigated, reviewed and life is SERIOUS.

Here’s ALL the Approval You Will Ever Need

Do you often hear the term, “you have everything you need inside of you” thrown around? It used make me a little nuts because I was so invested in looking externally for EVERYTHING I needed.

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Don’t Do it Sparkles!

Today I am sharing a brutally honest opinion as I review my life and the decision to go into business fo myself and contemplate my life if I had of chosen to stay in employment.

Is coaching hindering your happiness?

“If it’s not in your subconscious it’s not impacting your manifestation because it’s unknown and has no emotion attached to it”. Esther and Abraham. Yet the coaching industry teaches you to go looking for “it”

You can feel good and be successful!

You have the power to make a different decision to make and your choice to step out of the pain the frustration to stop isolating yourself and to find a life that fulfills you in all areas

Want to work 1:1with me?

Did you know you could do a half day, all day or even a two day business planning intensive with me?

Perfectionism Stops Action

If you're not taking action, is it because of the little voice in your head?   It’s something we all do. Tell ourselves that someone isn’t quite ready, it’s not perfect.  Even in the creation of this video, that little voice wanted to tell me my hair wasn’t nice...