How to Wake Up Happy!

Today I’m going to give you some tips and tricks for waking up happy in the morning. And it actually all starts with how you go the night before.

Speaking up or not. Then and now.

Most people I know who’ve experienced trauma as a child, didn’t speak up at the time. There were many reasons, as a child, there’s the threat of punishment, the threat of losing your sense of family and belonging. There’s always that worry that no one is going to believe you, or you somehow deserved it. So lets talk about it now and what happens next.

Is Your Coach a Woke Bro Coach?

If you’re reading this chapter, there’s a big chance that you or someone you know has experienced toxic male coaching from that “woke bro coach”, or you want to make sure that you don’t. I’ve been involved in the coaching industry for over a decade now, and I’ve seen people come and go. I’ve seen people invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in coaching and their circumstances haven’t shifted.

Money As a Happiness Barometer.

If you’re basing your happiness purely on something external, like having a certain amount of money in the bank, potentially you’re missing out on the things going on around you and really experiencing your joy.

Maybe this is why you’re stressed?

Maybe your stress isn’t because of external factors like work or the kids, but maybe you’re stressed because you are not actually honouring your values in your life.

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The Simple Sum for Happiness

The Simple Sum for Happiness

When you work incrementally to increase your happy, one day you wake up and go, “Hey, I feel pretty good. I feel a lot better than where I was six months ago or a year ago.”

The Trickle Down Effect of Choosing to be Positive

The Trickle Down Effect of Choosing to be Positive

I wanted to answer a question that was sent to me via private message. The question was, how do I stay so positive? Right? Well, to answer that, all the stuff behind it is quite large, quite in depth. Daily actions, processes, permission etc so I have decided to give you the big chunks to consider first.

Expressing Anger- Can It Lead To Happiness?

Expressing Anger- Can It Lead To Happiness?

If somebody says something that pisses you off, instead of walking away going, I should say this and I should have said that and next time I see that person and you know, running an internal dialogue: what about at the time, we say, hey, that’s out of line.