Pain and Moving Forward

Recently I was cleaning kitty litter trays in the back yard and wacked my knee a beauty on the garden bed. As you can see in the photo it was hard and I will admit to cursing in a way a drunken sailor would blush. The pain may have possessed me for a while… This was...

Stop Feeling Judged and Embrace Your Shadow

I think it’s a rite of passage feeling judged when it comes to showing up on the internet especially when what you have to say is important. Back when I first went into business, I used to work with teenagers but always had to discuss their signing up with their...

Bringing Your Body Back To Ultimate Health

While many are feeling stressed out, I took the time to further work on bringing my body back to ultimate health. When lockdown started here I was placed into a position of having to move house, my fun casual job was completely gone and I had to decide how I wanted to...

The Power Of Having A Purpose In Your Life

I shared this on my business page, and it’s important so I’m sharing this here. How am I still here when so many others don't make it through the darkness? #triggerwarning #mentalhealthawareness #depression #suicide I want to discuss the power of having a purpose in...

Dealing with Deep Trauma

For those of us who've experienced deep trauma, it's normal that we develop behavior patterns in response to that. So many times, I overlooked my internal guidance system and ended up inviting more distress into my life. #cellularsetpoint #cellsrequiringfood I was...

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Money As a Happiness Barometer.

Money As a Happiness Barometer.

If you’re basing your happiness purely on something external, like having a certain amount of money in the bank, potentially you’re missing out on the things going on around you and really experiencing your joy.

Maybe this is why you’re stressed?

Maybe this is why you’re stressed?

Maybe your stress isn’t because of external factors like work or the kids, but maybe you’re stressed because you are not actually honouring your values in your life.

The Simple Sum for Happiness

The Simple Sum for Happiness

When you work incrementally to increase your happy, one day you wake up and go, “Hey, I feel pretty good. I feel a lot better than where I was six months ago or a year ago.”